Help for households

Help for households

Cost of Living Payment

If you claim certain benefits or tax credits, you may be eligible for an extra payment to help with the cost of living. If you’re eligible, payments will be made automatically.

Find out more: Cost of Living Payment – GOV.UK

Countries around the world are facing rising goods and energy prices, inflation and cost of living pressures after the pandemic and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

We know people are worried so the government is offering help for households. See what cost of living support you could be eligible for.

Help with energy bills

Energy saving advice

Household costs

Help with childcare costs

Income support

Help finding work

Discounts and offers

Find out what discounts and offers are available from businesses to help with the cost of living.

Many of the Help for Households measures and policies, including Energy Bill Support and Cost of Living Payments, are the responsibility of the UK Government.

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland there may be additional or alternative devolved policies and help available. Please also visit the relevant campaign website where you live.